Eilish McVey



City Bee

Introducing  newcomers to urban beekeeping 

In recent years, concerns have mounted over the environmental impacts of pollinator decline. Recently urban beekeeping has become somewhat of an environmental movement, moving farmed bees from the countryside to the more urban environment. While this  action is positive many people have sincere fears of bees or believe they require a lot of maintenance How might we change the publics perspective on what it means to keep bees?


Role: Industrial Design
Duration: 3 months

IMG_6914 copy copy.jpg


The City-Bee hive is a mason beehive for city living. It is small and compact, easy to put up and looks great on your fence, bees or not.


Wood backing mounts on fence and aluminum cover comes in a variety of colors and shapes

Aluminum cover is screwed to wood backing and  can be assembled with a couple of hand tools