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Improving the CPAP machine experience 

Sleep Apnea is a sleep disorder characterized by infrequent breathing during sleep. Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines are a common solution for sleep apnea patients. They are extremely invasive and often disrupt sleep patterns, position and overall comfort of the user.


Services: Industrial Design
Duration: 3 months

IMG_6914 copy copy.jpg


We moved quickly  into drawing a variety of concept sketches.

We wanted to ensure that each concept was very different from one another, generating as many ideas as possible.



We thought covering the tubing in a caterpillar would be a fun solution. We made a series of different caterpillars using everything from balloons to plastic bags to give it that friendly feel.  We experimented with different closures, and different shapes. How would be washed? Cared for? What kind of fabrics feel nice?


Snoozy the Caterpillar provides a friendly face to the normally scary cpap machine

The tube runs throughout the body of Snoozy the caterpillar, and the mask can be attached at the end, so the child can snuggle up to Snoozy

IMG_6914 copy copy.jpg
cpap1.251 copy copy.jpg

1. Snoozy the caterpillar covers the tube and conceals the machine

2. Accompanying storybook introduces the child to the concept

3.An app is included that tracks sleep patterns and alerts parents if the mask falls off in the night.



Right at Home

Redesign of the Cpap machine fits inside Snoozy the Caterpillar. It has a friendly childlike feel, so if Snoozy the Caterpillar isn’t used, the machine feels like it fits in a child’s room


A mobile app to alert parents if and when the CPAP machine’s mask falls off in the middle of the night, and records the duration of one’s sleep.


We created a story book to lightly introduce the concept of sleep apnea to children, including the importance of sleep.

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