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Attracting Foreign Direct Investment to the Toronto Region


The Toronto Region is highly rated in North America for its diverse talent, economic potential, standard of living, and promise of growth. However, these strengths are often invisible to the rest of the world.
The goals of this project were to create product service experience that assists Toronto Global, a government funded foreign direct investments attraction agency, in attracting foreign direct investment to the Toronto Region. 

Client: TorontoGlobal 
Services: Service Design, User Research, Journey Mapping, User Interviews, Workshop Facilitation, Branding, Implementation Strategy, System Design, UX Design
Duration: 8 months  

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We worked with both Toronto Global’s attraction team, and well as many business owners over the 8 month project period. We gained an understanding of their different needs and designed a service that truly responded to them. This work included interviews, prototyping sessions, travelling across the Toronto Region, usability tests, shadowing use of live prototypes and analysis of request for proposals released by prospective business owners looking to relocate.


A Competitive Edge
We learned from our research that being able to show that Toronto can compete internationally with cities such Singapore, London, Dubai, Tokyo, or San Francisco, is the first step to  Toronto being  put on the long list in the mind of investors. 

Experiencing the Region is a must
Being able to experience the Toronto Region in person is an important part of an FDI’s decision making process, and is often what drives them to their final decision.

Too Complex to Communicate
The Regions size and complexity make it especially difficult for Toronto Global’s team to communicate to communicate to foreign direct investors. They lack the tools to tell a compelling and convincing story to prospective investors.


Based on analysis of multiple Request’s for Proposals from a multitude of companies we developed persona’s based on the decision makers within similar corporations.  (Click Through)

Journey Map


Prototyping a Service



ThinkToronto assists foreign direct investors in their decision making process to locate their business in the Toronto Region. It will capitalize on three main touchpoints in the journey. Three tools were developed to assist investors at these stages.  Using the following tools, Toronto Global staff will have the means to tell a compelling story, and paint a picture of the region as a multidisciplinary ecosystem and innovation economy. 


Sector Atlas

Toronto Global representatives frequently visit trade shows to connect with businesses looking to expand. As they meet many potential clients in a brief time period, it can be challenging to engage and effectively communicate the value of the Toronto Region as an appealing investment destination. ThinkToronto Atlas is a set of maps customized to the sectors of the Toronto Region. The Atlas acts as a light and portable presentation companion for the Toronto Global team as they present the Toronto Region as a potential investment destination. 

The map is complimented with augmented reality accessible through a mobile phone or tablet to access more layers of information related to the existing printed details shown on the map. The digital layer can be updated with time, keeping the map up to date. 



The website aims to help investors identify opportunities in the region by showing them the existing ecosystems relevant to their business, as well as the various relationships across existing and emerging economic clusters in order to encourage them to consider Toronto Region as a potential investment destination and land the region on their long list of top contenders. 


ThinkToronto in Office

Once an investor considers Toronto as a potential location to expand their business, they often decide to visit the Toronto region to better understand the lay of the land, begin to envision their business, and address any concerns to make a final decision.

The in-office installation is designed to facilitate this conversation and visualize the assets of the region in a meaningful way for investors. 



The Product/Service/System was presented to the Toronto Global communication team and is currently moving into implementation

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