Eilish McVey


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Moving Medicine

Pneumonia Diagnostics Tool

In low resource areas such as Sub Saharan Africa and South Asia, pneumonia is one of the leading causes of preventable death in children.  Where specialized equipment, trained personnel, and safe waste-disposal systems don’t exist, UNICEF has recognized the demand for specialized diagnostic technology.

Researchers have been developing a new molecular diagnostic tool that  has the  ability to remain unaffected by inhibitory materials  which can interfere with the results in other molecular tests. How might we create a human centered design to ensure correct administration of this test? 


Client: British Columbia Institute of Technology
Services: Industrial Design
Duration: 8 months

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My first step was to create some initial concept sketches, keeping in mind a shape that could be easily handled, packed into a bag and be secure.  I wanted to create a form that was both rugged and approachable which can really come down to form factors such as radii, and proportion.



To attain the final design many prototypes were constructed. A large criteria was intuitive human interaction. The device must feel ergonomically appropriate while guiding the user to properly complete the pneumonia  test


Continuous Testing

User Testing was essential in ensuring the device was intuitive to use as well as appropriate for the environment it would be used in.



Moving Medicine is a portable battery powered Incubator that is used to facilitate a test for pneumonia. Operated by  community health-workers in places around the world with limited medical resources

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